Sunday, 14 February 2016

Exceptional and Elegant Backgammon Sets Made Of Different Stunning Woods

In the beginning, most backgammon sets were originally made from Wood. Nowadays you may find that Backgammon sets are being made from various other materials, but still wood seems to be the most popular medium. In fact, the game was originally called 'Takhteh Nerd' which translates to 'Battle on Wood.' Backgammon is still a very popular game today, and so you should be able to find many different sets on the market, but if you really want something a bit out of the ordinary, then you should look for a luxury Backgammon set, such as the type offered by iWoodesign. iWoodesign is known for its luxury wood items whether they be luxury wooden Backgammon sets of luxury wooden jewellery boxes. At iWoodesign, you can find a wide variety of luxury handmade wooden items handcrafted especially for you. The design team here are well-known for designing many different and exclusive items that can be gifted to that special someone in your life, so they can enjoy them and treasure them forever. 

IWoodesign are passionate about offering our customers the most exquisite exclusive gifts. All the items they sell are handmade to the highest specification and are not only stylish but practical as well. They also offer a wide variety of luxury backgammon sets such as the Japanese Tamo Ash Exclusive Creations backgammon set. They also offer other sets made in such exclusive woods as Smoked Oak and Dark Ebony to compliment your interior scheme. However, iWoodesign do not just offer luxury gaming sets; they also offer other luxury wooden items that are ideal for giving loved ones as gifts. These include luxury desk accessories, luxury bathroom accessory sets, luxury kitchen sets and so much more. All of these luxury wooden accessories are not only stylish but are made from the best quality and most exclusive woods - such as Figured Sycamore, Mexican Ziricote, Karelian Birch, Royal Ebony Macassar and Rosewood amongst others. iWoodesign is the only place you should go for luxury wooden items for yourself or to gift to others.