Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Create a Real Style Buzz with iwoodesign

iWOODESIGN by Deanne is a London based British brand which is known for its exclusive and high-end approach to creative stylish and luxurious gifts for men and women. They also produce home accessories, kitchen and bathroom sets. Their keen eye for delivering best designs handcrafted from stunning and rare woods sets them apart. It has led them to hold their own in the luxury home ware and accessories market ever since the company was founded in 2011. They have a range of beautiful, natural and rare wood options from all around the world and believe in wood conservation, upholding the conservation of all the woods they sell. Products are only made to order so no wood is wasted.

One of their most popular and eye-catching productions is the Luxury Backgammon Set. Every part of the set has been handcrafted from exceptional quality woods and has been designed to last a lifetime. You could display it in your home as an ornament or use it to play the game with your friends and you can be sure in any instance it will be a popular attraction and enjoyed for its pure beauty. In addition to this there are numerous luxurious gift items including jewelery boxes and watch boxes to tissue holders and stylish wooden bins to help you to accessories your home elegantly.

Be the cause of praise and envy with these luxurious items and be sure that your friends will wonder where you have secured such beautiful, original pieces. Even a single item in the collection is a beautiful addition to the home and can be kept as a family heirloom or keepsake. The iWOODESIGN website is simply designed and gives comprehensive product descriptions so you can understand the full range of woods you have to choose from. You can explore the different woods and their price ranges with ease.

The products designed by iWOODESIGN combine uniqueness, creativity and elegance as Deanne combines exclusivity to stunning woods. The woods available include many different styles and hues such as dark ebony, warm walnut, smoked oak, figured sycamore, Mexican ziricote, Karelian birch, royal ebony Macassar, spider ebony Macassar, Tamo ash and royal Santos rosewood.

The options are immense and the style and look you create will be dramatically different dependent on the wood you choose. You can explore the website at your leisure and see more closely the different designs before making your choice. The website also has full contact information so you can discuss your requirements directly with the brand.